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Zimmerman Lawyer: It’s “Outrageous” That My Client Is Now Being Charged With Child Abuse

  • U.S.
  • 07.11.13 01:21 PM EDT
Don West, George Zimmerman's attorney, flipped out this morning when the state introduced charges of child abuse against his client, in the eleventh hour of the Trayvon Martin murder trial. He called it "outrageous" and "a trick" and claimed that he did not have time to prepare for the charges.

After considering it, the judge ruled that the jury would not consider the charges. 
That charge would have given the jury a third option: In addition to second-degree murder and manslaughter, Zimmerman could be charged with third-degree murder based on child abuse, since Martin was 17 when he died. 
The defense rested after less than a week of testimony on Wednesday evening. The state now has the option to call rebuttal witnesses and both sides will make closing statements, before the trial goes to jury. That could happen as soon as the end of this week.