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Rescue: Woman Found Alive 17 Days After Factory Collapse

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  • 05.10.13 02:08 PM EDT

It's been a barrage of bad news: A factory collapses in Bangladesh with an unbelievably huge death toll (current reports have the number of dead nearing 1,000). A few weeks later, a fire hits another garment factory, again in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, killing at least 8.

And these two tragedies bring to light a deeply broken global system -- where slum-lord factory bosses over-rule engineers to force factory workers back into unsafe buildings, as happened the day before collapse -- and where America brands and their desire for cheap clothes and high profits are revealed as a fueling force in the country's largely unregulated $20 billion garment industry. 

But today, finally, we got some good news. One woman - Reshma Begum - who'd worked in the factory has been rescued, alive, after an unbelievable 17 days in the rubble. According to reports, she survived by eating biscuits she found in the backpacks of her coworkers and breathing through a metal pipe.