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Woman Filmed Planning Her Husband's Murder With A Hitman (Who's Really A Cop)

  • U.S.
  • 07.10.13 11:44 AM EDT

Obviously, you shouldn't hire a hitman to kill your husband. But, if you're going to do it, really don't do it like this. Twenty-one-year-old Julia Merfeld faces life in prison after trying to arrange to have her husband Jacob killed... in a really stupid way. 

Julia initially asked a coworker at the restaurant where she works if he would kill her husband for her, claiming that it would be easier than divorcing him, and because she thought she'd get around $300,000 in life insurance. After saying no a few times, her coworker said he'd set her up with a hit-man buddy of his -- and then he went to the cops. 

The cop went undercover pretending to be a hired killer, and listened to Julia discuss his payment ($54,000), her rationale (easier), and even her location of choice (outside, since it's cleaner). 

She'll be sentenced on July 30 and could get life.