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'What's Wrong With GOP That We Can't Recruit Black Conservatives'

  • 03.15.13 10:09 AM EDT

Greg Thrasher, director of the conservative think tank Plane Ideasblamed the GOP's failure to recruit more African-American members on the party's message.

"Where are the black people today?" he asked, in an argument filmed in the halls of CPAC Thursday. "What's wrong with the GOP that they can't recruit [African Americans]?"

"What's wrong with the message?"

Jeff Dunetz of the Conservative blog "Yid With Lid" disagreed, saying race was irrelevant in todays' GOP. "You're an American. You're not a black person; you're an American."

The conversation was cut short by hotel security, who told everyone to clear out or they'd be arrested.

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference takes place this week in National Harbor near Washington D.C. The conference includes all-stars of the Republican Party including presidential candidate Rick Santorum and Donald Trump.