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Internet Hero Hacks Vine, So He Can Rickroll It

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  • 06.05.13 04:01 PM EDT

With one hack, a 16-year-old kid may have created the greatest rickroll ever. His name is Will Smidlein, and after figuring out how to hack Twitter's video sharing service, Vine, which limits users to a six-second clip, Smidlein, posted a classic of the '80s and of the internet. In other words, he rickrolled Vine.

Rickrolling is an internet meme where users trick each other into clicking a link that ends up taking them to Rick Astley's 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up." Smidlein managed to post the entire video on Vine, and keep it up before the app's creators asked him to take it down. 

Is it the greatest rickroll of all time? The internet will decide.