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Tour Versace's Decadent Mansion Before It Goes Up For Auction

Subtle was not a word the late Gianni Versace was familiar with. The upscale designer's Miami Beach mansion is an ode to glamour and opulence just as his namesake clothing line continues to be. Now, the 23,000 square foot home is set to auction on September 17 -- with the minimum bid starting at 25 million dollars. 

Even though the Versace family hasn't owned the property since 2000, real estate auctioneers involved hope the fashion mogul's name will add value to the already luxurious spread. 

The sprawling South Beach mansion comes with:

-10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms

- A swimming pool with inlaid 24-karat gold tiles

- Gold-plated bathroom fixtures

- Gold Medusa heads statues at the gated entrance

- Panoramic ocean views

- Mosaic flooring

- Open air courtyard

- Custom frescos and murals made exclusively for Versace himself

The museum-like qualities are opened for tours though -- those joining the auction for 1116 Ocean Drive must sign a confidentiality agreement and prove they have the funds.