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Victims Go After USC For Not Protecting Students From Rape

  • U.S.
  • 07.30.13 09:22 AM EDT

Victims of rape on the University of Southern California campus say school officials are to blame for the high frequency of sexual attacks. As the number one violent crime on American college campuses -- affecting one in four college women -- the students' say the system protects rapists over their victims. USC is just one of many schools being investigated by the Department of Education for a Title IX discrimination violation for the issue.

A group of more than a dozen students filed a complaint against the university on May 22 for not taking reports of sexual assault seriously. Multiple accounts said campus police dismissed reports by justifying the attacks or blaming victims for drinking. One student was reportedly even told the assault against her wasn't rape since the attacker didn't orgasm. 

When Ariella Mostov reported being raped by a fellow student, she said that authorities on campus seemed to be discourage her from following up with charges. They warned of "tough detectives" and the public humiliation of naming the perpetrator in court.

"The school did everything it could to dissuade me from talking about being raped and asking for help," she said.