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Turkish Protesters Reach Agreement With Govt That Could End Weeks Of Unrest

  • World
  • 06.14.13 06:13 PM EDT

Protesters in Turkey got a small but promising victory on Friday when they left the home of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a tentative agreement to end weeks of sometimes violent protests that have rocked the country. After hours of discussion, the organizers and Erdogan agreed that the construction in Gezi Park would be delayed and later reviewed in a court for its legality. If the government wins, a referendum would be held in Istanbul.

The park and its destruction have come to symbolize the movement fighting for more a more secular and democratic Turkey. The opposition has argued that the Prime Minister's control over a single construction project is telling of his increasingly authoritarian rule and aggressive leadership style. 

After almost two weeks of protests, this compromise is an important turning point. Previously, Erdogan had called claimed that the protesters were a fringe minority and that he would not "kneel" to their requests.