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Transgender First Grader Allowed To Use The Girls' Bathroom

  • U.S.
  • 06.26.13 03:15 PM EDT

A 6-year-old transgendered girl will be given the right to use the girls' bathroom at her school in Colorado. Coy Mathis was born a boy but has identified as a girl since she was 4. She dresses as a girl, is so identified on her state ID and passport, and has reportedly had no trouble using the girls' room at school. 

After Mathis was barred from using the girls' room earlier this year, her parents filed a complaint. The Colorado Civil Rights Division said on Sunday that the Fountain-Fort Carson School District needed to let her use the girls' bathroom if she chose. During the ordeal, Mathis was home-schooled, but she will return to Eagleside Elementary in Fountain, Colorado. 

Transgender advocates have hailed the move as a major step forward for trans rights.