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Video Alleging Toronto's Mayor Smokes Crack Makes DC's Scandals Look Lame

A video has surfaced that apparently shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. A group of Somali men, apparently drug dealers, were asking for a $100,000 yesterday to allow members of the media to see the footage.

According to the Toronto Star, two reporters who work for the paper have seen a video several times that shows the mayor smoking from a glass crack pipe, and then joking with someone off-camera about Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. 

Ford was elected in 2010, and is no stranger to scandal. In 2012, he was found to have violated the conflict of interest law, but a judge overturned the ruling, allowing him to stay in office.

In 2006, he was kicked out of a hockey game for drunkenly shouting at other fans, and has several times been criticized for using racial and homphobic slurs. (A helpful list of his most ludicrous statements can be found here.) In 2010, he got a DUI in Miami, Florida.

There are also these (photoshopped but still upsetting) naked pictures of him.