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Your Odds Of Surviving A Plane Crash Are Better Than You Think

  • U.S.
  • 07.09.13 10:23 AM EDT

It seems like a miracle 305 of the 307 passengers on board survived the Asiana flight crash -- but is it that out of the ordinary?  Statistics show that the survival rate from a plane crash could actually be as high as 95.7 percent. In "The Survivors Club," Ben Sherwood also says that 40 percent of fatalities are preventable if the right safety measures are enforced.

Some of those measures include:

Being aware at the beginning of a flight: 80 percent of all plane crashes occur at the first and last 3-8 minutes of a flight. Avoiding alcohol or sleeping pills until after the plane takes off could save your life.

Remaining alert at the end: If you decide to nap on a flight, plan to wake up before landing. You want to be alert especially since in the instance of a crash, the cabin could become engulfed within just 90 seconds.

Choose your seat: Despite what you may think, the question of seating for safety is less about the front or back of the plane and more about proximity to emergency exits. Plan to sit within five rows of an exit and scope out a back-up exit in case. 

Luckily, airlines have greatly improved their safety features. Most of the modern-day plane is made of fire-retardant material greatly improving the chance of survival.