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Supreme Court Rules On Affirmative Action... Sort Of

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action, one of two major cases due this week. The case, Fisher vs. The University of Texas at Austin, came about when a white woman sued UT for using race in its admission process. The court's sending it back to a Texas court for further review, a move that doesn't strike down affirmative action, but leaves the door open for that to happen in the future. 

The decision was a near unanimous 7-1. The Court's ruling didn't directly bar the use of race in admissions processes, but said that extra scrutiny need be applied in any instance where race is used as a factor. A decade ago, in 2003, the court ruled that the University of Michigan could use race as a factor to create a more diverse student body. 

People have been lining up outside the Supreme Court in Washington throughout the month of June, hoping to get inside the court and be witness to one of several landmark rulings. Before the end of June, the court is expected to rule on two major gay marriage cases, one that could strike down California's Proposition 8 and other that weighs the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Those decisions could come Monday, though many court watchers have speculated that they're more likely later on, June 26 or 27. 

Images of the lines outside the court and the media, via NowThis New's @AshleyCodianni, taken June 20, 2013.