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Is Sandra Bullock's New Space Movie Plausible? We Asked A Real-Life Astronaut

Newly released trailers for the film "Gravity" give an anxiety-provoking look at what might happen if an astronaut was stranded in outer space. Watching Sandra Bullock's character tumble into the abyss had us wondering: what would really happen? Instead of taking Hollywood's word for it (or waiting for the movie release) we asked an actual astronaut what the real-life result might be.

The thriller co-stars George Clooney as another astronaut aboard the same mission. The trailer shows the two astronauts on a spacewalk fixing shuttle damage when debris knocks Bullock off. Her character tumbles head over feet into the stars.

NASA astronaut Ron Garan has spent more than 27 hours on spacewalks in his career, but luckily, has never seen a situation quite like that. Still, Garan gives us his expert opinion on how real-life professional might react.