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30 Geniuses, 80 Computers & No Toilet Paper

  • 03.08.13 12:34 PM EST

NowThis News VJ Cyrus Moussavi reports from the StartUpBus, one of five buses on its way to SXSW in Austin. The project works like this:

"StartupBus is an exclusive community of the best hackers (coders), hustlers (developers) and hipsters (designers). Once a year in Americas and Europe, we run an annual competition that thousands apply for but only the best are selected, to board a bus and three days later have conceived, built and launch a startup 1800 miles from the departure point."

For more of NowThis' StartUpBus coverage, check out our first video on the project. Be sure to swing back tomorrow for more updates from the road. You can also follow the project on Twitter, #startup.