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"K-n-a-i-d-e-l" For $30,000: 13-Year Old Arvind Dominates The Scripps Spelling Bee

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  • 05.31.13 11:35 AM EDT

Arvind Mahankali, a 13-year-old New York City native, won the Scripps Spelling Bee on Thursday night with the word 'Knaidel'. The winning word is from the German-derived Yiddish language and is translated to mean matzah ball. 

Mahankali won $30,000 in cash and prizes as well as a trophy for his victory. This is Mahankali's fourth time competing in the spelling bee competition, placing third in the previous two where he was eliminated at both on German words. His final competition was against Pranav Sivakumar who stumbled over the word "cyanophycean" accidentally adding an 'i' in place of the 'a'. 

So what is Mahankali's plan to celebrate his triumphant win? Disneyland? No, Mahankali intends to retire from the spelling racket and focus on physics this summer.