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South Korea’s ATMs Frozen, TV Networks Hit By Cyber Attack

  • 03.20.13 03:39 PM EDT

A cyber hacking crashed networks at major TV broadcasters and banks in Seoul Wednesday, prompting the South Korean military to raise its five-level “Infocon” cyber attack warning from four to three. One is that system’s top level.

A spokesperson from South Korean broadcaster’s KBS said their computers crashed simultaneously,
“We’re on air, but journalists are having difficulties filing stories as they cannot access the network.”
To address the issue, the police were called.
"We sent down teams to all affected sites. We are now assessing the situation. This incident is pretty massive and will take a few days to collect evidence," a police official said.
Military tensions in the Korean peninsula are at their highest level for years.
The crash comes days after North Korea’s Central News Agency accused South Korea and the United States of "intensive and persistent virus attacks."
But there is no immediate confirmation that the North and South Korean hackings are related.
As South Korean Defense Ministry spokesperson Kim Min-Seok explained,
“We do not rule out the possibility of North Korea being involved, but it’s premature to say so. It will take time to figure out.”