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Russian Whistleblower Convicted Of Tax-Evasion, 4 Years After He Died In Prison

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  • 07.12.13 09:15 AM EDT

After Sergei Magnitsky was convicted in a Russian court, it opted to waive his sentence. Most likely because the whistleblower is already dead.

It's the end of a sad chapter in Russian history: Sergei Magnitsky was found guilty of tax evasion by a court this week, 4 years after he died in prison, allegedly after he'd been severely beaten. 

Sergei was a lawyer for an investment manager who charged the Russian government of corruption. He uncovered $230 million of corruption in the Russian government, but when he spoke up about it, ended up in prison himself, in 2009. His arrest prompted widespread claims of human rights abuse. 

William Browder, the American born, London-based investor who Magnitsky represented, was also convicted and sentenced in absentia to 9 years in prison. Since he's not in Russia nor likely going back, he probably won't serve any time.