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PSY's 'Gangnam Style' Sent Stock In His Father's Company Through The Roof

When PSY released his dance-pop hit Gangnam Style, it practically destroyed the internet. It also sent shares of D I Corp, a South Korean company that makes testing equipment for semiconductors up 800%. Why? Because that's PSY's father's company, and human psychology is an interesting thing.

And by interesting, we really mean surprisingly straight-forward. The phenomenon at play has nothing to do with the prospects of his company -- it's not like all the free publicity of being PSY's son helped D I make better whatever-the-hell-they-make. It's just that people like to invest in companies they've heard of, for the simple reason that they feel familiar. It's called -- aptly -- the Investor Recognition Hypothesis.  

It's a fancy way of saying that the best way to have a successful tech firm is to spawn a son who makes himself a household name by dancing like a horse.