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Taliban Militants Infiltrate Presidential Palace In Kabul

  • World
  • 06.25.13 03:07 PM EDT

Four Taliban insurgents invaded the Presidential Palace on Tuesday morning using false badges and paperwork to get past two checkpoints at one of the most heavily-guarded areas in the city. The attack killed at least three and proved the terrorist group's ability to penetrate even fortified areas. Afghan President Hamid Karzai was reportedly within the palace walls at the time but not the target of the militants who were stopped in Ariana Square. The attack is thought to have been charged toward the CIA station in a nearby hotel.

Karzai had been expected to speak to a group of journalists that day about the efforts to arrange peace talks between the Afghan government, the U.S. and the Taliban. The Taliban has said they are open to peace discussions but will not agree to any ceasefire in advance. American officials were set to begin peace talks at the Taliban's new office in Doha, Qatar.