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Filibuster Be Damned: Texas Gov. Will Just Try To Pass Anti-Abortion Laws All Over Again

Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis strapped on some pink sneakers on Tuesday and stood for more than 10 hours to successfully filibuster a bill that could make abortion nearly impossible for women in Texas. Looks like she shouldn't put those sneakers away just yet. 

Gov. Rick Perry called for a second special legislative session, beginning July 1, to try to pass a law that could close all but five abortion clinics in the state. Perry has said he would immediately sign the bill into law after a Senate approval.

"Texans value life and want to protect women and the unborn," Perry has said. 

Davis responded by saying her fight isn't over. She said if Republicans keep "pushing their extreme personal political agenda ahead of the interests of Texas families, I will not back off of my duty to fight on their behalf."