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Ryan Budget Goes After Obamacare, Medicaid, The Poor

  • 03.12.13 05:11 PM EDT

Wisconsin Rep. and last year's Republican nominee for vice president Paul Ryan is back to doing what he does best: writing deficit-cutting budgets. Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee released that's nearly identical to the budget that the GOP released last year -- it defunds the Affordable Care Act, sharply cuts funding for students, low-income people, and to Medicaid.

All in all, Ryan's plan includes $4.6 trillion in cuts over the next ten years -- a much quicker timetable to balancing the budget (previous GOP budgets have given 25 years).

On the other side of the aisle, Senate Democrats are also working on a budget that lays out a very different plan than Ryan's. According the the New York Times, the plan centers around another batch of stimulus spending: 
"The Senate Democrats would create a $100 billion economic stimulus initiative for job training and repair to roads and bridges, projects that Democrats say they would pay for by closing loopholes in the tax code that benefit large corporations and wealthy individuals."

Unsurprisingly, both sides are already criticizing each other's budgets. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had this to say about Ryan's new plan on Tuesday:

“This budget reflects the same skewed priorities the Republican Party has championed for years — the same skewed priorities Americans rejected in November. We’ve seen this show before.”