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Obama Continues His "Obamacare Is Awesome" Tour As Start Date Nears

  • 07.18.13 11:33 AM EDT
In a speech Thursday morning, the President is making another attempt at promoting the Affordable Care Act, just 10 weeks before a key provision of the law, usually called Obamacare, kicks off. On October 1, the state-by-state insurance exchanges are planned to open -- and with that comes the individual mandate, under which individuals will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty.
Just yesterday, the House voted to delay that process by a year, part of long-lasting GOP opposition to the bill -- emboldened, in part, by the fact that Obama administration just delayed another component of Obamacare, which would require all businesses with more than 50 employees to provide coverage.  
As the deadline approaches, Obama has been repeatedly touting benefits of the law, hoping to increase voluntary enrollment, which would likely make the bill much more successful and less expensive. Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney said the president will tout how Obamacare will help keep insurance rates low and talk about the rebates the program brings to some Americans.