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Obama In Berlin: "We Are Not Safe" As Long As There Are Nuclear Weapons

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  • 06.19.13 02:02 PM EDT

Obama finally got a chance to speak in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin -- after trying and failing to make an address their in 2008. The gate the site of some of our most historic presidential addresses, Kennedy's "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" and Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" among them -- and Obama surely expected his to be treated similarly.

The President took the opportunity to call for a reduction in nuclear arms worldwide. He said that after a comprehensive analysis, he'd found that we could be just as safe with a one-third reduction in the number of our actively deployed nuclear weapons -- and called on Russia to make the same reduction. 

The site was fitting, since the Brandenburg Gate, a historic site in the center of Berlin, became a symbol for the Cold War when the Berlin Wall blocked access to it. In his remarks, Obama said that both countries needed to move away from a Cold War mentality.