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Obama And Chris Christie Tour Sandy-Ravaged Jersey Shore

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  • 05.28.13 01:45 PM EDT

Image via Margaret Talev

It was seven months ago, on the eve of a presidential election, when Obama last toured the Jersey Shore with Governor Chris Christie. Today, the political odd couple is back together again. Christie met Obama Tuesday as the President was exiting Air Force One, and the two made their way together to regions of the Atlantic coast battered by Superstorm Sandy last fall. Both the president and the Republican governor of New Jersey are hoping to highlight how far the region has come since the devastating storm. 

Obama, in the run-up to a tight election against Mitt Romney last fall, took a break from campaigning to focus on storm recovery, pledging the full support of FEMA. His cooperation with a GOP governor, Christie, made the President seem bipartisan and highlighted his leadership, which some say gave him a needed boost rolling into the final stages of his campaign.

Governor Christie was vocally supportive of the president at the time, praising the federal response New Jersey received -- and invoking the wrath of some Republicans, who saw Christie's support as overly helpful to the opposing camp at a crucial time for the GOP. 

Half a year later, the two both stand to gain from highlighting New Jersey's recovery. Christie hopes to show how well his state has recovered from the widespread damage of Sandy, and Obama to draw attention to how well FEMA and the federal response did their jobs -- a bit of relief from a couple weeks dominated by an IRS scandal, Benghazi hearings, and criticism over the government's seizure of AP phone records. 

Watch a live-stream of Obama and Christie's press conference below, starting at 1:30 p.m. Eastern.