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If You've Got A Country, NSA Leaker Snowden Will Probably Ask You For Asylum

  • World
  • 07.03.13 07:36 AM EDT

Edward Snowden might be in the middle of the world's longest layover. The whistleblower left Hong Kong on June 23, where he was hiding out after leaking information about a classified government surveillance program to Britain's Guardian newspaper and the Washington Post, and flew to Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. And there he's stayed. 

Initial rumors had him going to Ecuador, in part since that country is providing asylum currently to Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks head who's in its London embassy. But Ecuador's president recently said that Snowden would have to make it physically to Ecuador in order to apply for asylum. Then Snowden officially applied in Russia, only to rescind his request when Putin said yes, but that Snowden'd have to stop leaking. 

And so now, he's basically sending out asylum requests left and right... to mixed response: Germany, Poland, India and Brazil reportedly rejected him outright, with others saying the same thing as Ecuador, that he has to get there first. Which will be difficult, since the US has annulled his passport -- a move that Snowden called a denial of his basic human right to seek asylum.

Which means that the airport continues to be home, at least for the time being.