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North Korean Attack Dogs Maul Effigies Of South Korean Leaders

  • 07.15.13 10:49 AM EDT

In the midst of a week of escalating tensions between North Korea and South Korea and the US, the North's state-run TV station has released a new propaganda video. In the video, soldiers are shown attacking an effigy of South Korea's Defense Minister, Kim Kwan-jin. The soldiers are seen shooting at a paper print-out of his picture and also training attack dogs to leap over obstacles. 

This comes as North Korea suspended work at the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a giant factory in North Korea staffed by a large number of South Korean workers, an important economic hub for the impoverished North and one of the only concrete signs of cooperation between the two countries. 

Over the weekend, rumors surface that North Korea was preparing for a new round of nuclear tests. It was later uncovered that the South Korean official accredited with starting the rumors had been misunderstood; there was no abnormal levels of activity detected by the North.