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Revamped Myspace Shoots For Social-Network Dominance (And Yes, It's 2013)

Here's something you thought you would never hear again (or possibly never want to), Myspace is back from the dead once again with a redesigned site and a 2013-friendly mobile app. The oft-mocked social network got a big dose of cool with Justin Timberlake partnered with two brothers named Tim and Chris Vanderhook to purchase the site for $35 million two years ago. This is a steep discount compared to the whopping $560 million News Corp. spent on the flailing network back in 2005. 

There's more new about the revamp than just Justin "cooler than a million dollars" Timberlake's involvement. Myspace has some new capabilities and designs:

- You can connect through Facebook and Twitter and follow people as well as have people follow you back. They call it "connecting" and you can do it with music, albums and photographs in addition to people.

- There are GIFs!

- A personalized radio builds a station based on the music you're connected to, a mix you've made, or songs you've played through the site.

- The iOS app will launch later this year.