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Red Cross Still Sitting On $100M Raised For Superstorm Sandy Victims

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  • 05.28.13 03:18 PM EDT

The Red Cross raised more than $300 million in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, which struck New Jersey and New York in fall of 2012. Now, more than seven months after the devastation, over $100 million of the money raised for those affected by the storm still hasn't been spent. 

Critics have said that the money should be allocated immediately, that the Red Cross is an emergency organization best suited for meeting the needs of natural disasters in the days directly after they occur, and not a long-time relief and rebuilding organization. 

The Red Cross says it's setting the money aside. Billions in federal aid are still being allocated to the region, and the organization says it wants to wait until after that money is spent, so that it can address any remaining gaps. 

The President and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke Tuesday, May 28, in Asbery Park, NJ, after touring some of the hard hit regions and illustrating the recovery efforts made.