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Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out At Dodgers, Diamondbacks Game

  • Sports
  • 06.12.13 11:36 AM EDT

Baseball started to look a lot more like hockey when the Arizona Diamondbacks and L.A. Dodgers broke out into a bench-clearing brawl on Tuesday night. The trouble began when Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy's pitch hit batter Zack Greinke in the face. It was the seventh inning with the score tied 2-2. Kennedy was immediately thrown off the field by the umpire but the move ignited a war between the two teams on the field.

Tensions were high since Kennedy had previously hit Yasiel Puig in the nose while he was at bat. The argument was so fierce that even Dodgers manager Don Mattingly got involved. The Dodgers ended up winning the game by 5-3 but it seems like both teams lost some respect.

The brawl ended with the ejection of five players and coaches: Mark McGuire, Yasiel Puig, Ian Kennedy, Turner Ward and Kirk Gibson.