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Michele Bachmann: "The IRS Should Be Abolished"


Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann thinks the IRS should be abolished.
Really? Really. 
We (finally) caught up with the Congresswoman outside today's House Financial Services Committee hearing where Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is testifying on The Financial Stability Oversight Council's annual report. 
"The IRS should be abolished. We need a new tax system, I'd prefer to see either a straight flat tax or a consumption tax known as the fair tax. Government is too big, and it's getting even bigger. That's what the problem is," Bachmann said. 
Lew testified before the Senate Banking Committee yesterday where he defended the handling of the IRS scandal.  
"Administering the tax code without any hint of bias is a solemn obligation that must be carried out with the highest of standards," Lew said, adding that the "conduct was not politically motivated it was unacceptable and inexcusable."
By Ashley Codianni and Julie Eckert