Spurs Take Stand Against Racism, And Give Us A Chance To Hear This Amazing Kid Again

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Sebastien De La Cruz Ignores Racists, Sings Encore Of National Anthem Again At NBA Finals

Sebastien De La Cruz is sometimes called "El Charro De Oro," or "The Golden Voice," for his incredible talent that he shared Game 3 of the NBA Finals by singing the national anthem. The Mexican-American 11-year-old performed in a mariachi costume, which inspired backlash from social media posters. Racist comments inferred that the San Antonio native is an illegal alien and used harsh language about his familial background.

De La Cruz decided to ignore the insensitive reactions and accepted the Spurs invitation to sing an encore on Thursday night.

"I'm a proud American and live in a free country," De La Cruz said, "It's not hurting me. It's just your opinion."