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Your Boyfriends Want You To Buy Him Dinner, But He's Too Guilty To Ask

  • U.S.
  • 08.17.13 11:21 AM EDT

Young women are kind of killing it in the workforce these days: they're surpassing men in college graduation rates and more than a quarter of working women out-earn their male partners. But, at least according to a new study, most of those ladies still want their poor boyfriends to pick up the check.

 According to a new study, a majority of men (84%) and women (58%) say that the man still pays for dating expenses -- an idea that feels like a throwback to an era when most men worked and most women didn't. And while that income inequality, especially among the young, is changing fast, the date-paying chivalry hasn't. 

But, it turns that most men would like for women to pay on dates, but are too afraid to ask. Around three-quarters say they'd feel guilty making a woman chip in -- and maybe that guilt is warranted: a substantial number of women still want their male partners to pay, especially at the beginning.