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Arrested Development Returns, But Let’s Not Forget The Past With This Supercut

  • 07.15.13 12:09 PM EDT

After years of rumors and dashed hopes, Arrested Development, FINALLY returned to TV at 3:01 est, 12:01 pst Sunday, May 26 with fifteen new episodes of the cult comedy. The episodes were made available all at once on Netflix, following the model of House of Cards, the company's first experiment in acting like a TV network.  Here's the trailer

At NowThis News, we anticipate that some people won't find fifteen new episodes of Arrested Development to be enough after seven years without having the Bluth family to thank for making their family look normal (the show's first run ended on February 10, 2006)... So to make sure you're fully satiated, here's a supercut of Lucille Austero's best moments played by Liza Minnelli

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