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IRS Official Lois 'I Did Nothing Wrong' Lerner Placed On Leave

Lois Lerner, the IRS' Director of Exempt Organizations, has been put on administrative leave, after according to reports, she refused to resign.

Lerner came under fire earlier this week when she refused to testify at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, instead declaring that she'd done nothing wrong and then invoking the 5th Ammendment right not to self-incriminate. 

The acting head of the IRS was fired last week by the President as the result of an ongoing scandal after it was revealed that the Internal Revenue Service was improrperly targeting conservative groups that were applying for tax exempt status. 

At the press conference where Obama announced the change, he stressed that the IRS had to act impartially, and that whoever was deemed responsible for the targeting would be found and held accountable.