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U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks Hit Major Snags Just 24 Hours After They Were Announced

  • World
  • 06.19.13 04:56 PM EDT

Less than a day after they were announced, peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan seem like they may have faltered. The blow-up came just a day after NATO formally handed the reins over the Afghan security forces.

Afghan President Karzai suspended his involvement in talks after Taliban officials hung a flag at their new office that said the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," the country's name during Taliban occupation in the '90s. Karzai said that he would only take part if the talks were "totally under Afghan control."

He also said that the U.S. was contradicting itself by meeting with the group and basically endorsing their actions. This comes on the heels of another Taliban attack on Tuesday resulting in the death of four U.S. soldiers.

U.S. Ambassador James Dobbin is expected to meet with them on Thursday at their office in Qatar. There are no preconditions set for a ceasefire.