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Will Jimmy Fallon Be The Next Guy Screwed Over By Jay Leno?

  • 03.21.13 05:13 PM EDT

The Jay Leno rumor mill is spinning again, this time with gossip that the "Tonight Show" host will be replaced at the end of 2013 with Jimmy Fallon -- and moving the show to New York. NBC has confirmed that it's building a new studio for Fallon in New York, where he hosts "Late Night" but -- of course -- have refused to coment on the replacement rumors. 

Which may be, in part, because the last attempt went so badly. The last time they tried to replace Leno was with Conan O'Brien, which only lasted until 2010, when Leno retook "Tonight," and O'Brien moved to TBS (with a $45 million exit deal and a lot of public feuding). 

It did, however, bring the world Conan's post-termination tour, the incredibe afro of Reggie Watts, and the #teamcoco feud. Maybe if Leno loses his job, we'll be so lucky again.