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Jay-Z Will Now Respond To All Criticism With Rap

  • 07.15.13 03:15 PM EDT

Jay-Z has had been in the news a lot recently -- for things have nothing to do with music. First, he announced that he wanted to be a sports agent. Then, he and his wife, Beyonce, went to Cuba, to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary -- a trip that drew the ire of Florida Republicans, including some pretty amazing Tweeting from Florida's dehydrated hip-hop expert Sen. Marco Rubio. And then, in order to make that whole 'becoming an agent' thing legal, he sold his (quite tiny) share of the Brooklyn Nets. (The NBA, pretty sensibly, won't let you own a share of an NBA team and represent NBA players, since it's a conflict of interest.) 

To address all of this, Jay-Z dropped a new track, called "Open Letter." In it, he takes on the concerns of his critics, including Cuba:

I got White House clearance... Obama said, 'Chill you gonna get me impeached / You don’t need this shit anyway, chill with me on the beach'" 

(White House Spokesperson Jay Carney clarified that the Treasury, not Obama, handles travel permits to Cuba. No word on if the President indeed invited Jay-Z to 'chill on the beach.')

Jay also defends freedom of speech and manages to call himself the Bob Dylan of hip hop.