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Israel Fires Into Syria As War Reaches New Levels of Chaos

  • 03.25.13 02:11 PM EDT

The border between Israel and Syria is becoming an increasingly-tense zone.

On Sunday, PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson tweeted that members of the Israeli Defense Force destroyed a machine gun nest that fired on Israeli soldiers, promting the IDF's responce. 
Reportedly the Israeli action injured at least two Syrian soldiers, with no casualties on the Israeli side. 
This is not the first time Syrian shells have landed on the Israeli side of the border, and Israel is on the defensive accordingly.
Late Saturday, the Israeli military said one of its vehicles was hit by the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire line on the Golan Heights. No one was caught in the crossfire, or hurt.
Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner, said, "Our understanding is that it wasn't stray fire."