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Congress Might Actually Agree On Immigration Reform Bill

  • 04.02.13 03:20 PM EDT

The US Congress might not be able to pass gun-control legislation or anything but the most temporary of budget measures -- but that doesn't mean they're entirely useless. 

On Sunday, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and the GOP's Lindsey Graham both declared that all the major obstacles to a bipartisan immigration reform bill had been cleared. Both Graham and Schumer are members of the so-called "Gang of Eight," the group tasked with drafting immigration reform. 

According to reports, the bill will include a guest worker program that brings low-skilled workers into the US and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants who are here illegally. Talking to Candy Crawley on CNN, Graham said that people currently here illegally "will have a path to citizenship, but it will be earned, it will be long, and I think it will be fair."

The bill also has measures that strengthen border security and makes it easier for highly skilled workers to immigrate.