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Google Glass To Be Made In USA - By Sketchy Chinese Tech Giant

  • 07.12.13 03:07 PM EDT

It sounds like the same old story: A new tech product will be produced by Foxconn. Only this time, the Foxconn factory will be in sunny California -- at least according to rumors. 

Foxconn - the world's largest electronics manufacturing firm, based in Taiwan - has repeatedly been accused of exploitative labor practices. Last September, when Apple was unveiling the iPhone 5, reports surfaced of Foxconn using 'forced student labor' in its factories that built the device. In 2010, 14 workers committed suicide in the Foxconn compound nicknamed "iPod city" where the workers worked and lived. The factory responded by building "suicide nets" around its buildings. 

Now, as hype builds around the latest Google product, Google Glass, rumor has it that the device will be manufactured by Foxconn, too -- in their first ever US factory in the Northern California city of Santa Clara. Where, presumably, the workers won't be housed on the premises.