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Michelle Obama & Laura Bush Show How Great A First Lady-Only Version Of "The View" Would Be

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush set aside political differences to meet at the First Ladies Summit in Africa on Tuesday. On the agenda: women's well-being throughout the continent ... and getting in a few one-liners about their husbands. 

Speaking to first ladies throughout Africa, the two chatted about what it's like to be a president's wife and how they each tried to carve their own path in that role. The current first lady took the opportunity to throw a few jabs at the president. 

"I love my husband but sometimes when he has, like, five things to do at one time, it's funny to watch it," she said.

Meanwhile, their husbands had spent Tuesday morning at a memorial ceremony honoring victims of a 1998 Al Qaeda attack in Tanzania. The attack on an old U.S. embassy left 10 dead and 85 injured at the time. 

Bush is lauded in Africa for creating a successful HIV/AIDS program in the region during his presidency.