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Breakthrough: Boston Bombing Suspect Identified, Still No Arrest

  • 07.16.13 09:28 AM EDT

After initial reports to the contrary, no suspect has been arrested in the Boston Marathon Bombing case. But reports still state that a suspect has been identified and that major progress has been made in the case.

CNN broke news that a suspect was in custody and on the way to a federal courthouse at around two p.m. Wednesday. They were followed by a host of other news outlets, but conflicting reports surfaced and the story retracted. 

Earlier Wednesday, reports broke that a suspect had been identified by video from a department store and a Boston TV station. CBS's Bob Orr reports that the suspect was on a cell phone when he dropped a black bag, and that cell records led to his identification. 

The reports said that surveillance video from the department store Lord & Taylor captured a suspect approaching, dropping a package, and walking away. In the video, the man leaves what's presumed to be the second bomb on Boylston Street in front of the Forum Restuarant. The Lord & Taylor that reportedly supplied the video is across the street. Additional footage from a Boston TV station may have also helped. 

No name has been released, nor has any additional information about the perpetrator or his motive.

Since the pair of bombs erupted near the finish line of the Boston Maraton on Monday, the FBI and Boston law enforcement have been asking the public to send in any and all video from the event. The Marathon, which draws over 100,00 spectators, is a highly recorded event, with thousands of spectators taking photos and video. The 2 bombs went off on Monday at 2:50 p.m. just seconds apart, and left 3 people dead and over 170 wounded, with scores still in the hospital.

Earlier, details were released about the bombs used in Boston, which experts are describing as pressure cookers packed with household items like bbs and ball bearings to act as homemade shrapnel.