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China May Be Afraid Of A Naked Jamie Foxx

  • 07.15.13 03:12 PM EDT

It looks like China will have to wait a little longer to see Quentin Tarantino on the big screen. The director's Oscar Nominated flick, Django Unchained, was set to be his first to open on the Chinese mainland -- when it was yanked on opening day. There's no official word, but the Guardian is reporting that full-frontal male nudity is to blame. Workers at a Beijing theater said that it was for unspecificed technical problems.

Tarantino's film had already been re-cut under the supervision of Chinese censors, who had toned down some of violence, and promoted by a weeks-long publicity campaign.

Bloggers on the Chinese social media site Weibo claim that the movie's debut had been underway for about a minute when censors pulled the plug. The rumor is that a nude-scene featuring Jamie Foxx is to blame.

Chinese censorship of Western blockbusters is nothing new: 2012's James Bond movie Skyfall lost an entire scene in which a Shanghai security guard is killed, and Cloud Atlas lost more than 40 minutes of its running time due to graphic sex scenes. 

Of course, because it's China, bootlegged versions of the unedited version of Django Unchained have been widely available for weeks.