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The Internet Comes To Cuba... Sort Of

  • World
  • 06.04.13 10:57 AM EDT

Cuban authorities say they will expand internet access by building more than 100 cyber-salons throughout the island. The public venues are set to open June 4 but, currently, only 2.9 percent of Cubans have the ability to connect to the web. Residential dial-ups are reportedly even rarer. 

The access will still be limited, however, as the government will continue to monitor traffic. The telecommunications company that pushed for the expanision, called Etecsa, said in a statement that they will immediately stop any users if they find "any violation of the norms of ethical behavior promoted by the Cuban state".  Not to mention, centers plan to charge $4.50 an hour per use -- a significant percentage of the average Cuban's $20 a month salary.

Etecsa recently connected an under-sea fiber-optic cable from Venezuela to provide the high-speed internet connection. Previously, Cuba relied on slow satellite connections.