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Exclusive: Cory Booker Does His First Instagram Interview

NowThis News spoke exclusively with Newark Mayor and Senate hopeful Cory Booker in the first-ever political interview created specifically for Instagram. The resulting 5-part interview will be posted hear, with a new installment every night at 8pm. For more, follow NowThis on Instagram

On Day I, we asked how the he thinks he's different from NJ Governor Chris Christie:


DAY II: If he's elected Senator, how does he see his Twitter habits changing? 

On Day III, the mayor told us whether he plans to keep up his reputation as an old-lady rescuing, dog-saving Superman if he makes it to the Senate:

In the fourth installment, we asked Mr. Booker why he thinks he'd make a good Senator:

And on the last day, we asked him the hardest questions of all: