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Lady Gaga's A Pop Star, Bizarre Dresser... And Tech Entrepreneur: Meet 4 Celebrity Investors

  • U.S.
  • 06.26.13 04:16 PM EDT

Madonna, like a lot of people, loves her coconut water. But, unlike a lot of people, she took that love to the next level: The pop star was so invested in her favorite brand, Coco Vita, that she made it literal, putting $1.5 million of her own money into the company. And she's not the only celebrity to diversify things a bit. 

Justin Bieber bought 16% of PhoneGuard, an app that's designed to keep teens from texting and driving by blocking phones from receiving messages while a car is in motion.

Lady Gaga also fancies herself a tech investor, putting her money in Backplane, an app that lets fans connect around online communities based on who they're interested in, with groups for anyone from Nelson Mandela to, say, Lady Gaga. 

And Ellen DeGeneres, queen of daytime talk, is a backer of Stamped, an app designed to let users track their favorite things -- which worked out so well it was bought by Yahoo!

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