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Buzz Aldrin Is Sick Of Telling People About Walking On The Moon

Buzz Aldrin was the second person ever to walk on the moon, nearly 50 years ago. And now that nearly half a century has passed, he's not only sick of talking about the moon landing, but he's ready for us to seriously set our sites on a trip to Mars. 

The astronaut says that the perfect time to announce a serious Mars program would be 2019, five decades after his walk -- and that whatever President announces the program will see a serious lift in popularity, just like Kennedy did in the sixties. 

Since Mars is a good deal farther away, Aldrin concedes it might take 2 decades, as opposed to the 1 decade we managed for our first trip to the Moon. 

NowThis News spoke to Aldrin at the Liberty Science Center honors last week. About 700 people were in attendance at th event in Jersey City, New Jersey, including another space pioneer, Richard Branson.