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Breaking Bad’s Season Opener Dedication To A Teenage Fan Who Died Of Cancer

Sunday's episode of 'Breaking Bad' ended with a screen that read: “Dedicated to our friend Kevin Cordasco.” While most fans wouldn’t recognize the name, friends and family of the late 16-year-old knew what it would’ve meant to the show’s superfan. 

Cordasco had the opportunity to meet show creator Vince Gilligan and members of the cast through a family connection before he passed in March. Gilligan was so impressed by his insights on the show that he offered the teenager the rare chance to know how the series will end but Cordasco turned it down preferring to watch the story unfold.

Unfortunately, he never got the chance to watch the series wrap up, but he left a legacy on the show itself.

Co-executive producer Melissa Bernstein said that some of Kevin’s questions and comments affected Gilligan himself.

“Kevin truly had an impact on the way the story played out in the final eight (episodes),” she said.