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The Internet Teams Up To Leak Info From The WikiLeaker Trial

Next week, the trial of WikiLeaker Bradley Manning begins, in a trial that could potentially have precedent setting effects for whistleblowers. For a case that's about transparency, the case will be occuring behind closed doors. In the spirit of WikiLeaks, however, a democratic online effort is trying to change that. 
The Freedom Of The Press Foundation is crowd-sourcing an effort to fund a court stenographer, and the tech site Boing Boing has promised to post any transcripts that come out of it. They look likely to reach their goal of $70,000. 
In the trial that begins on June 3, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning will face charges for leaking thousands of documents to Julian Assange's whistleblowing organization, for which he could get life in prison. Manning will be tried in a military, not a civilian, court.