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The Craziest Eyewitness Photos Of The Boston Manhunt

  • 07.10.13 04:51 PM EDT

The Boston suburbs broke out into gunfire late Thursday night after the two men identified as the Boston bombing suspects were caught on camera robbing a Cambridge, Massachusetts 7- Eleven. One suspect was pronounced dead after exchanging shots with police. The second suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is at large in the vicinity of Watertown, Mass. Here are photos collected from eyewitnesses that show SWAT teams descending on the normally tranquil suburbs.  Keep checking back... we're adding more photos. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a video outlining how the manhunt unfolded overnight. 


“#Watertown residents be patient with the ongoing investigations please” from @Feyzaburak:


“Swat is out on laurel st.” from @AKitz:


“Swat in our driveway now” from @stephen_muese:


"SWAT police are here, so I put a bra on" from @jrkumor:



“Wild scene in my town. SWAT going door to door looking for marathon bomber” from @bhsprincipal: 


"View from my house" from @shawna_england:


"Now in Cambride, outside an apartment believed to be shared by suspects. Street blocked off" from @WesleyLowery:


"Tense scene here. @BostonDotCom" from @EvanMAllen:



“SWAT teams hang off armored vehicles in #watertown. Still very active along Mt. Auburn #watertown shooting.” From @jmichaelsnews at 3:40am: 

Here's a video explaining how the events unfolded last night: